Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A home for Sammie and a new home for us!

So Sammie, the foster kitten I convinced my husband to pull from animal control went to her new home. Yay! They seem like really nice people and were instantly in love with that little ball of purrs. We're so glad to have rescued her and sent her to her new forever home, but now the house feels a little empty. I know, ridiculous with a rabbit, a cat, two six week old kittens, two dogs... and a husband of course! Haha! So... I'm rescuing two more tomorrow. Two orange kittens that were abandoned in someone's yard the other day. So sad that someone could just leave these poor helpless kitties out to fend for themselves. Not to mention the fact that it's about a 1000 degree here in good old Georgia and these poor kittens would have died of heat stroke if not found when they were.

In other news, we're moving into a brand new house in just about 7 weeks. We spent this past weekend searching for the perfect home and found that it was harder than we though, until.... we stumbled upon the perfect house! We can't contain our excitement. I wish I could move tomorrow so we could get settled in. One of the best parts... a yard for the dogs! No more walking on leashes in the apartment community. We will have a brand new home with a brand new fenced in yard! Can't wait! Now, the move isn't something I'm looking forward to. We're doing a DITY move or PPM. That's going to be exhausting, but it may be well worth it financially for us to deal with the extra effort. My brother in law and father in law are willing to come down to help, so that at least take a bit of the heavy lifting off of my shoulders.

So, for now, I'm trying to tie up our lives here. I'm trying to get some school work done, rescue as many animals as I can, work as much as I can, buy a house, pack and move our house and fur family, and all while keeping my sanity. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Sorry i haven't written in a while (not that anyone really reads this enough to miss me). Things have been crazy here on my end. I've been working 50+ hours a week at the veterinary hospital, which means 11 hour days of wrestling dogs and cats. I'm exhausted!!!

I've been rescuing animals again. Haha. Big surprise. I rescued a kitten from animal control hours before she was to be put to sleep. The poor little girl was so underweight and had an abscess on her leg and a cut on her nose. With a little love and care, she's now the sweetest little girl and will be ready for her new home any day now. I also took in two 3 week old kittens who were found in a gutter. They are super sweet but certainly a handful. So, needless to say, my house is crazy all the time with all the animals. Currently we have the 2 dogs. Gambit is an 8 month old Border Collie Mix and Peach is a 1 year old Chihuahua. They were both animal control rescues here in Columbus and within hours of being put to sleep when they were saved. I have my 13 year old Himalayan cat, Pugsly. I've had him for the last 12 years. He's my grumpy old man.  A couple of years ago, I rescued a baby rabbit, now named Cricket, who had a fractured leg.  Our current fosters include Sammie, the 10 week old kitten and Roswell & Scuba, the 3 week old kittens. CRAZY! I wouldn't have it any other way though.

Since Simon has been back from Ranger School, he has gone through the crazy process of trying to figure out what's next. Apparently, a whole lot of waiting... He was able to go through his Mechanized Leader course a couple of weeks ago and is now just waiting on going to Airborne school. As far as we've been told, he should get in this Friday, but you never know until he's actually in, so we'll see. We're crossing our fingers though because if he doesn't get in this week, it throws off our whole moving schedule. Which brings me to....

We're moving!!!
We're leaving Fort Benning and Columbus, GA and headed for a new adventure. We're going to Savannah! At this point in time, (if everything goes according to plan) we should be moving in about 8 weeks. We can't wait! We'll be buying our first home out there and are going house hunting this weekend. This move is going to be so much easier than our last one. Savannah is only about 4 hours from here. That's a lot better than our 21 hour drive from Massachusetts last year. No thank you!