Sunday, April 24, 2011

Drop Off: Day 0

Goodbye Ranger:

Dropped Mr. S off this morning at 10am. I have to say that this morning was surprisingly anticlimactic. I think we've been focusing so much on his leaving that when it actually came it was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I swear, I was more sad about him leaving on Friday than I was today. Mr. S was more than anxious though. He almost lost his breakfast because his stomach was in knots and I couldn't do anything to help ease his fears. That was the worst part. I know today will be a fairly easy day for him. It's mostly checking that they have all their gear. Tomorrow begins the craziness.

Thank goodness for one of the other wives. She came over and we kept eachother company all day so we didn't even have time to really process that they had left. Part of me thinks he's going to come home any minute. Maybe it'll hit me tomorrow, but for now I only have had one fleeting moment of realizing that I won't get to see him. I was watching an internet video of a cute proposal... I know, bad idea Chelsea... I found myself all of a sudden in a fit of tears. I had to shake myself and come back to reality or I would have easily fallen into an hour long sobfest.

I'm starting my diet and exercise program tomorrow. I'm determined while Mr. S is gone to lose at least 15lbs. I know I can do it. Whenever he's not around, I always lose weight because I'm not eating all the crap he does. This week is going to be tough, with the new exercise program, taking care of the animals by myself, and working 6 days this week. Eek! I just hope I don't end up working myself too hard and end up in a funk feeling all alone. I've done it before. Mr. S is always the one to put me in check when I'm overworking myself, so without him here and my focus shifting to keep busy to distract myself from his not being here, I end up breaking.

It's day 0 and I just hope I can keep it all together and accomplish all I want to while he's gone.
I already can't wait to have him home.

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