Saturday, April 30, 2011

Losing Weight

I had told myself (and my husband) that I was going to get in shape while he was gone. I figured it would be easy. It was pretty easy for me when he was in Germany because I wasn't eating out all the time or following his lead and eating Oreos or ice cream sundaes. When Mr. S is home, I always struggle with my weight. He has to essentially force feed himself nonstop in order to gain weight and I unfortunately have the opposite problem and can eat a single hotdog and gain 3lbs. So, when he's gone I take it as my opportunity to lose all that I've gained while he's been home.

Well, for some reason, this time it hasn't been so easy to get started. I start out every morning on the right track, only to blow it all by the evening. It's been really frustrating. I set up a workout plan for myself as well but have yet to complete a single workout. I find myself making excuses not to wake up early and then am too tired when I get home to make the effort to start a workout. I know it's all excuses. I just feel so tired and don't have the motivation to get up and moving.

Today, I was flipping through the channels and came across "Making the Cut:Ranger School". I decided to watch and see what exactly my husband is going through. Well, I'm not so sure I liked what I saw. I knew it was going to be hard on him, but it upsets me to think that he is essentially being underfed and worked to the bone. They estimate that when each soldier graduates, he will have lost about 25lbs. I can't imagine how hard it is going to be on him to be hungry, sore, and worn down for a minimum of 61 days. I'm so proud of him for going after what he wants and putting himself through something I know I couldn't even think about doing.

This all got me thinking... If he can have the mental toughness to put himself through the torture of Ranger School, why is it I can't put down the fork and get off my butt? There's no reason I can't do it. So, I finally did it. I purged all the junk food out of my house. I put on some walking shoes after work and took the dog with me. I feel so confident now that all I need to do is think of Mr. S struggling his way through Ranger School and I will be able to get through a craving or a bout of laziness. He is inspiring me without even knowing it.
I'm so proud of him and I know he will be proud of me when he gets out and sees his new, thinner, sexier wife!

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  1. All the best. One of my little brothers friends is about to head off to Ranger School as well. It's a scary prospect and you should be very proud of him and yourself. Congrats for taking control of your life.