Friday, February 17, 2012

Keeping Busy

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed. I've decided to jump into this deployment head on. I'm already on the board for my FRG (Family Readiness Group), but we only meet about once a month so it's not enough to keep my busy. God is good and presented me with an open position for a veterinary technician on post. If you have an extra prayer in you, please send it my way that I get hired. If I can't find a job, I swear I'm going to go crazy in this house all day.

I'm also joining the local YMCA. The gym on post is free, but there's still a charge for the classes and they don't offer any that interest me. I really only go to the gym for classes seeing as I have an elliptical at the house. Luckily, the YMCA gives a military discount, so whoohoo!

I'm so excited to get started in a routine, both work wise and fitness wise. I just need everything to fall into a nice and tidy schedule so that I don't notice how slow the days go by. Bring it on deployment, I'm ready for you now!


  1. Chelsea,
    I came across your blog and it really hit home. I am not an Army wife, but have been an Army brat for 20 years and know military life in and out. Military families are required to make countless sacrifices, none of which get easier over time. My dad has been deployed 5 times, each time no easier than the last. I can only thank God that he made it home safely every single time.

    I want you to know that I am praying for you, your husband, and all soldiers and their families. It may never feel easy, but I hope and pray that you will get over the initial shock of deployment and find a healthy routine to distract your mind. Stay busy and it will be over before you know it. When things get tough, hand your worries to God and He will carry you through this. And remember that you have so much to be proud of! Please know that you are supported, loved, and certainly not alone. May God bless you!

  2. I found your blog through I try to skim through their list and give a little encouragement to new bloggers on occasion. When I saw you were in GA I had to say hi. We were stationed in GA for years. If you don't mind me asking, where are you? If you would rather not answer on here, you can reply to my E-mail
    I have my hubby at home right now, but I have been through quite a few deployments, so I understand. Feel free to drop by -

  3. Chelsea,
    I am a retired Army wife with over 25 years experience with 3 overseas moves to Germany as a family and numerous hostile deployments of my soldier. I completely understand what is is to have your spouse deploy. I always found that if I didn't have a paid position, I found a volunteer position to fill. Check with your American Red Cross on post - they fill positions at the hospital and sometimes at the on post vet clinic, just to name a few possibilities. There were times I volunteered with Army Community Service and worked in the Food Locker, Spouse Support (prior to FRGs). The volunteer work looks great on a resume, and fulfills the emptiness until the spouse returns home. If a paid position opens up in one of the locations you are volunteering at, you already have established your work ethics and such. :-)
    Good luck, stay strong, get plenty of rest, and don't forget to laugh. I am alwys here to talk to. Drop a line -

  4. Hi Chelsea,
    I just found your blog and wanted you to know that while deployments suck (we are going through our first one as well) that you will get through it. Keeping busy is the best way to pass the time.
    I also wanted to let you know if you ever needed to talk to someone about anything you can always contact me. I know that being able to talk to someone who knows what you are going through can be a HUGE help. So, please don't hesitate to contact me.
    Keep your chin up and remember to smile!

  5. I'm such a jerk for not responding to all of your lovely comments sooner. I just wanted to let y'all know how much your words of encouragement have meant to me. It amazes me everyday that people care enough to simply say "I'm thinking of you" or "I'm here". I just wanted to take a second to thank you all for making me smile and letting me know that I'm not alone in this.