Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I will never understand killing helpless animals

A wriggling, writing ball of fur is licking at your face. You love and cherish his antics and think what a great addition to your family he has been. Then, a year or so down the road, you move or have a baby or simply are annoyed by your dog and you bring him down to animal control. You think, he's a sweet boy, he'll find a home for sure. Do you know that 90% of animals in Columbus, GA never see the outdoors again. They are euthanized in the masses here and I can't stand it!

One of my friends from work has started a project called Happy Homes. She has been working really hard to save those who are on puppy/kitty "death row" and place them in happy, loving homes. There are only so many animals that we can save though. What we really need is a no-kill shelter to take in all these sad, homeless fur babies. She has entered into the Pepsi Refresh Contest to receive a grant for $50,000 to build just such a place. Only problem is, we need people to vote.

So, I know that not many people are reading my ramblings, but I can't help but ask.... Please help us get this grant and save those sad, neglected dogs and cats.

You can vote daily on the following website, but even better is if you drink Pepsi. There are Pepsi bottles out there that have codes in the caps. If you enter the codes in those on the website, they count as a "Power Vote" (up to 100 votes for one code!). We're number 40 right now and could really use as much help as we can get. So, please vote!!! Help us save the animals.


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  1. i agree!!! please save the animals!